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At the AGM held on 3rd June 2010, Chairman Dr David Pegg reported:

The past year has been one of much work behind the scenes. We have continued with many of the projects which we had in hand, and the Hon. Secretary will be reporting on these. Most importantly, however, we have developed our relationship with Sport England, and they are encouraging our bid to become a Development Partner. This would mean that we would be entitled to bid for funding from them, which contrary to the indications given to us previously we were not able to do. We have been helped in this by Alison Webb of Sport England, under whose remit Officiating appears. She enabled us to set up a workshop at Sport England’s offices when they invited a range of National Governing Bodies to explore the way in which SOUK can help them achieve their Grow-Sustain-Excel agendas. This was a very worthwhile exercise, and we gained from it as well as enabling Sport England to evaluate our importance in this area.

To enable us to become Development Partners we have had to become incorporated, and Sports Officials UK Limited is now in being. This is a Company Limited by Guarantee, the operation and structure of which will be presented and discussed here after the Annual General Meeting.

David Pegg

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