SOUK Sports Officials UK

Top Ten Tips

  1. Know the rules/laws and apply them accurately –
    • That way you will achieve the consistency which competitors need
  2. Be decisive and strong in your decision making –
    • Competitors will trust decisions made confidently, assertively but not aggressively
  3. Make sure the players understand your decisions –
    • Then you will reduce their reasons to challenge them
  4. Don’t take challenges personally –
    • Questioning your decision is not an attack on your integrity
  5. Watch for flashpoints –
    • If  you see what might cause an outburst you can prevent it
  6. If you get a decision wrong, acknowledge it –
    • Players accept you are human – they don't trust perfection
  7. Don’t try to redress injustices –
    • Apply the rules/laws, and let justice take care of itself
  8. Be friendly and approachable –
    • Players will relate to a person more than they do to an official
  9. Give every event your best effort –
    • For some competitors this is the highlight of their season
  10. Enjoy your officiating –
    • If you don't enjoy being there, the competitors will know
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